These are various products made by our resident patients in the Group therapy programs. Such activities not only enable quicker recovery from their illness but each enable them livelihood oppurtunities when they return back to the outside world. Each purchase shows your love and support to our entire team.
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Product Description


  1. Floating Candles

Price :₹ 10-50  each
Medium size wax candles in floral shapes available in attractive colors
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Handmade Jewellery – Necklace

jewellery_3 2. Handmade Necklace

Pce :₹ 100-400 each
Elegant neck pieces made with pearls and kundan  work

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Diyas ( Clay lamps)

diyas_3 3. Clay Lamps

Price :₹20 /pair

Handpainted clay lamps by using  acrylic and pearl finish colors
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Paper Wind Chimes

paper_windchime_2 4. Paper Wind Chimes

Price :₹ 100

Handmade Attractive windchimes made with paper, painted and decorated by kundan and pearl work

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Diwali Lantern

20170516_122743(0) 5. Diwali Lantern

Price :₹ 150 -500

Small and medium and big size diwali lanterns made by using paper, net cloth and decorated by quilling work, paper flowers and colorful stones

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Paper Bags

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6. Paper Bags

Price :₹ 30 -50 each

Small and Medium size bags made by using handmade paper

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Greeting Cards

collage-2017-06-14(1) 7. Greeting Cards

Price :₹ 10-40 each

Greeting cards for all occasions made by quilling and paintings

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Toran ( Wall / Door hangers)

DSC_1085 8. Toran

Price :₹ 100-500 each

Beautiful door torans made by using pearls, mirror work and kundan work and decorative stones.

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DSC_0975 9. Cushions

Price :₹ 1200-1500/ set

Hand stitched designer cushions made by using various materials like silk, Satin available in set of (3 cushions and 2 loads).

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Sling Bags

20170516_124701.jpg 10. Bags

Price :₹ 50 each

Designer sling bags made in velvet, cotton, silk material, decorated by kundan, mirror work and pearl work.

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Flower vases

20170516_121248.jpg 11.Flower vases

Price :₹ 150 each

Beautifully handpainted clay vases in vibrant acrylic paint and pearl finish colors. Available in sets of 2 as well.

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20170516_124952.jpg 12. Rakhi

Price :₹ 10-40 each

Handmade Rakhis. Also available in sets of 6 pieces. It is a seasonal product

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Wall hangers

20170516_125743.jpg 13. Wall hangers

Price :₹ 100 each

Handmade paper wall hangings. available in various designs and colors

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Standing Candle

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14. Candle

Price :₹ 10 each ( small) ₹30 each( medium)

Wide range of candles, available in various designs like fairy, teddy bear, flowers, rose etc.

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Handmade Earings

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15. Ear rings

Price :₹ 20-50 each
Hand made earrings made by using pearls and decorative pieces.

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16. Rangoli

Price :₹ 80-400

Rangoli made in wooden and plastic base, decorated by kundan and pearl work.
Available in wide range of colors and sizes

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Kumkum box

20170516_125455.jpg 17. Kumkum box

Price :₹ 30 – 150

Beautiful wooden and plastic kumkum boxes available in various colors with kundan, pearls and mirror work

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Puja thali ( Prayer plate)

puja_thali 18. Puja thali

Price :₹ 150-300 each

Hand painted and decorated puja thali with kundan work, stone work and designer laces.

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Matki set (pot)

DSC_1011.jpg 19. Matki set

Price :₹ 40 each
Matki set
Hand painted clay matkis(pots) with wax, decorated with kundan work, stone work and designer laces.

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Decorative statues

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20. Decorative statues

Price :₹ 150-500 each

Hand painted clay statues with acrylic and pearl finish colors.

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