Our Facilities Include :

Residential Facility | Food | Exercise and Yoga sessions | Library & Reading Facility | General & Medical Stores | TV and Music Systems |Huge Play Grounds | Picnic & Outing | Mini Bus | Ambulance

Residential Facility

Nityanand’s Katraj branch is located amidst city and yet in relaxing surrounding. The institute provides a full fledged residential facility for around 100-120 individuals. There are many indoor facilities like separate activity areas, dining halls etc.

Accommodation is offered in 3 forms: General ward which has 25 beds, Semi Private Ward has 3 beds and Private ward has 1 single bed; separate wash-rooms for each ward are available. The living areas are spacious, furnished and well ventilated

Nityanand’s Pachane set up is situated in the scenic backdrop of Kasarsai dam and mountains. This set up is spread over 16 acres and can accommodate almost 200 inpatients. This set up has beautiful landscaped gardens and walkways that provide soothing living conditions.

Accommodation is offered in the form of: General ward with has 25 beds and in some wards 6 beds, Semi-private ward with 3 beds and an option of 2 beds as well and a Private ward with One single bed. Separate well equipped and maintained washrooms are available in each room.

Both these centers have separate wards for male patients, female patients who require treatment for mental illnesses or deaddiction or both.

At both set ups we have separate dining area, Group Therapy activity zone, counseling cubicles, vocational area and therapeutic environment for the treatment programs. Our facility offers a comfortable, safe and relaxing environment for our client’s recovery and wellbeing.


Both Katraj and Pachane set ups have separate kitchens with a team of skilled cooks. They are dedicated to prepare sumptuous and nutritious vegetarian food throughout the day. A mix of various Indian dishes make everyday meals tasty. Weekly once sweet dish is provided to all. On request non-vegetarian food can be separately ordered from outside, this is charged separately.

All the meals for a day are served a comfortable environment of dining area.

Early Morning Tea:           6.30am to 7.00am

Breakfast:                            8.45am

Lunch:                                 1.00 pm

Evening Tea:                      4.45 pm

Dinner:                                7.30 pm

The residents also get treated to special meals on festival days & special occasions.

Eatables from outside are also provided on request of the family members and are charged separately.

Exercise and Yoga Sessions

Physical fitness is of equal importance as mental fitness. We conduct exercise and yoga sessions in the group therapy area to encourage our patients to be physically healthy and fit.

At Pachane extensive play ground, gardens & jogging tracks give all patients opportunity to pursue recreational outdoor games and fitness routine.

Library & Reading Facility

At Katraj as well as Pachane, we have reasonable collection of reading material made accessible to our clients during their leisure time after 4.30pm.

The collection includes various books in a variety of languages and topics, magazines, articles, periodicals, newspapers, documents which can be borrowed. Library in charges keep a track of the borrowed material and maintain records. We also provide booklets giving information regarding the illnesses as well.

General & Medical Stores

General store at both centers has in store necessary toiletries, dry snacks and other basic requirements like slippers, towels, napkins, clothes etc. All the mentioned requirements are sanctioned only with permission of in charges and they have a fair watch on the needs of the clients.

General shops at Katraj as well Pachane are run by patients themselves as a part of their vocational training.

Patients are also provided with General medicine if required. It is approved by the concerned Doctors permission and supervised by the residents or sisters.

TV, Music Systems and Projectors

Both centers have TV rooms for each ward and common projector area. Patients enjoy watching news, TV serials and movies together in this area. Weekly one movie is shown on projectors giving all patients joy of watching latest films and music.

Huge Play Grounds

Nityanand pachanegaon spread over many acres has a well planned and huge playground. Outdoor sports like cricket, basketball, baseball, football etc are played on the grounds in groups with staff members available around. Timings to be on the grounds are fixed. It serves as a good physical activity

Picnic & Outing

We take our clients for picnics. They are taken for these outings depending upon how cooperative they are. An outing being a pleasurable experience helps clients seek enjoyment which become a part of a memorable experience.

Outings and picnics with inmates and staff helps clients change their moods. Outings are also planned in the form of incentives to seek goal directed behavior.

Mini Bus

We have the facility of a 2 functional Mini buses for travelling of our clients, staff and family members as per need.  Also we have availability of cars for short distance travels.


A round the clock service of ambulance is readily available for managing any kind of medical emergency for residents if they have to be shifted to any other hospital for emergency medical care for specialized treatment